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Three Key Components of the Starbucks’ App Your Venue can Emulate – Regular Customers, Loyalty, and Utility

When it comes to shining stars in the restaurant Mobile App space Starbucks sparkles brightly.  It is hard not to be envious of an App that according to a new research note from BI Intelligence averages 6 million weekly transactions in the U.S. and now accounts for a full 15% of transactions made at the U.S. Starbucks operated stores. While…

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The Impact of Customer Service on Your Brand and Business

LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles made headlines in early September, not for his exploits on the football field, but for leaving a $0.20 tip on a $60+ bill at a local Philadelphia restaurant.  When questioned about the incident by the media he attributed it to poor service.  While the details of this particular incident maybe debated this story is…

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The Popularity and Digital Potential of the Sandwich

In a recent study by foodservice database and analytics firm CHD Expert, they found that the “Sandwich” is the fifth most popular menu type in the United States.  Further, across the USA, there are approximately 14 sandwich establishments for every 100,000 citizens. There are many reasons for the popularity of the sandwich including cost, speed of service, and portability all…

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View and Review your Restaurant and Bar Digital Strategy from the Differing Perspectives of New and Returning Customers

Is your digital presence, (website, App, Social Media), optimized for New Customers, Regular Customers, or both?  Intuitively the response should be both and most strategies are initially implemented with both New and Retuning Customers in mind. First time visitors to a website or app maybe routed to the site through Yelp, social media, advertising, or some good SEO work.  They…

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Consumers’ Thoughts on the Changing Role of Technology in Restaurants

It is amazing how quickly the Smartphone has become an integral part of our lives.   Smartphones are carried by about 70% of phone users in the US and Internet searches are now more prevalent on phones then desktops.  But what is the impact of this technology shift on Restaurants? Apparently customers are recognizing the benefits in growing numbers and taking…

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Mobile Ordering Lessons from the Chains – Sound Bites for Smaller Operators

One of the sessions at the 2014 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago was a panel discussion regarding mobile apps for ordering and payment.  The participants were from chains (Panda Express, White Castle, and Dave & Buster’s).   While their discussions covered a number of Branding and multi-unit issues there were some intelligence gems derived from their experience that provide insight…

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